Some Minnesota Vikings fans might be worried about traveling to Philadelphia for this week's NFC Championship Game, but there's not much that will stop them from driving up the demand for Super Bowl tickets if their team wins on Sunday.

Vikings season ticket holders can be entered into a drawing for face-value Super Bowl LII seats if Minnesota tops the Eagles this weekend, but otherwise, ticket vendors figure to be swamped with Midwest shoppers in the event the Vikings become the first team in NFL history to vie for a Lombardi Trophy in their own home.

New York-based TickPick told this week that Super Bowl ticket prices could be "as volatile as they have ever been" if the Vikings win on Sunday. The resale marketplace, in fact, has already seen more than half (53 percent) of its ticket orders come from states where the Vikings reign supreme -- Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. The "get-in" price for one of those tickets, according to TickPick, is just about $4,500.

A Vikings victory on Sunday, per TickPick co-founder and co-CEO Brett Goldberg, "could lead to record prices and ticket sales for the games, while a loss would cause the largest drop in Super Bowl prices ever."

StubHub, meanwhile, said this week that its most updated Super Bowl numbers have the average ticket cost for the big game running at $5,550, with "get-in" prices at least $4,400. The least expensive ticket sold on StubHub's marketplace, as told to, was a $3,000 spot in the Upper Corner of U.S. Bank Stadium, while the most expensive was a $17,500 reservation in the Delta Sky Club.

"Minnesota fans pushed the market demand after their win," StubHub said. "We have already seen quite a bit of movement based on the crazy NFC game last weekend. For example, our top selling days for (the) Super Bowl so far have been Jan. 15, Jan. 16 and Jan. 17 ... We expect this to continue and drive demand through the roof if they win again this weekend."