Tim Tebow during Father's Day Sermon: 'I want to be a good role model'

If Tebow wants to be a role model, it shouldn't be hard to find people who look up to him. (US Presswire)

It wasn't Sinai, but Tim Tebow was in town for a Father's Day speech in San Diego on Sunday, preaching to a packed crowd of more than 25,000 at Qualcomm Stadium at a "Father's Day 2012 -- Encouraging Men to Live, Love and Lead" event.

And the focus of Tebow's speech, as it were, was the lack of good role models in the world.

"Last time I said it I got a lot of flak for it, but I don't care," Tebow said, per NFL.com. "There are a lot of role models out there, just there aren't many good ones. To me, that's so frustrating because you have in today's society so many famous athletes in baseball and basketball and football and golf, every sport there is.

"If we come together to be great role models it would be amazing to see how the next generation turns out."

Tebow also talked about the fact that his father once took he and his brothers by a Blockbuster (this is a store where they used to rent videos to people, kids), checked out a movie and told his sons that if they could be as passionate about life as the main character, they would be hard to stop. That movie was Braveheart. Draw your own conclusions.

In other random '90s news, Tebow told the crowd that growing up one of his role models was actually Florida Gators quarterback Danny Wuerffel. (Again, kids, don't be fooled by his NFL stats; Wuerffel was sick in college.)

"He was a huge role model for me and that is my dream and my passion to be a great role model for the next generations and the boys who are looking up to me and their dream is to be a quarterback and a great football player," he said. "I want to be a good role model for them."

This is actually a great lesson: kids need good citizens in the sports world to emulate. There are lots of them, but embracing the idea of being a role model is tough. Tebow is making an impressive stand by showing kids that it's OK to be a person of high-standing morals.

He probably should point out that they'd be wise to pick up their throwing mechanics from someone else though.

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