Tim Tebow has $30,000 offer to throw footballs -- through windows

A hurricane window protection company in Florida wants to hire Tim Tebow. (USATSI)

The offers are piling up for former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, unfortunately for Tebow though, none of the offers involve playing in the NFL

Since being released by the Jets on Monday, Tebow has received several offers, including a chance to coach quarterbacks in the Lingerie Football League and an opportunity to play indoor football with the Omaha Beef.

Tebow's latest offer doesn't involve coaching football or playing football, but it does involve throwing a football. A Florida-based hurricane window protection company is offering Tebow $30,000 to throw footballs at their window protection covers, according to CBS-affiliate WKMG in Orlando.  

All Tebow would have to do to earn the money is show up at a few expos in Florida over the next six months and throw a football at full speed at the company's window protection covers. Somehow, this would prove to people that the window covers are hurricane proof. 

The obvious question here is: what makes the company so sure Tebow can even hit a window from several yards away? If the experiment were to turn out anything like the first three years of Tebow's NFL career, he'd hit the window about 47.9 percent of the time. 

Storm Stoppers, the Orlando-based company offering the $30,000, said that $20,000 of the $30,000 would go to Tebow and the other $10,000 would go to the Tebow foundation. 

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