Tim Tebow has cameo in NBC's 'All Star Celebrity Apprentice' finale

Tim Tebow made a cameo on the All-Star Celebrity Apprenctice finale. (NBC.com)
Tim Tebow joined Trace Adkins and Gary Busey on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. (NBC.com)

When we finally confirm that this whole football thing isn't working out for Tim Tebow, maybe he can have a career in reality shows. He made a cameo appearance Sunday night during the "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" finale, bringing what I think was $300,000 to help Trace Adkins claim victory in Donald Trump's reality show.

In case you've never watched the show, well, first you can thank me for watching it so you don't have to. Second, you should know that whoever's playing the challenge has to call up other people (usually celebrities) and get them to donate money. Whoever raises the most money wins.

Adkins rang up Tebow in the early going of the show after he ran into "a lot of dead ends." He remained hopeful because he had "a couple cats who want to bring some bank."

"Hey man, how's everybody? I need Jesus to come through for me tonight," Adkins told Tebow on the phone.

Apparently Tebow was the cash cow that was supposed to put Adkins over the top against his opponent Penn Gillette.

"Penn Gillette is the most ethical aethist I've ever met, but I'm bringing Jesus," Adkins said. "He's got Teller. They do magic tricks, but Jesus makes blind people see. Wow that awesome. That was the call I've been waiting on all day.

"I've got a definite on Tim Tebow. Mr. Tebow is bringing $200,000 with him. But he knows he's got to be there before 6 p.m.

Tebow made everyone wait -- everyone -- 44-some minutes into the show. He rolled into Adkins' event, with Trace sweating out whether or not Tebow and his big check would show up. He also apparently brought an extra $100,000.

That's a really nice thing to do given all the money goes to charity.

The show was actually a "live" finale, but I have to imagine that Tebow committed to doing this before he ended up as a free agent on the street, unable to find a team that wants him.

And while there might not usually much substance or symbolism on "Celebrity Apprentice," it is pretty fitting that Tebow would do this while desperately seeking someone to hire him. The very celebrity that warrants him appearing on such a show is the reason why no one wants to bring him on their roster to play football. Well, that and the fact that he's not good at throwing the ball.

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