Tim Tebow says hello to Jets press but doesn't say much of anything

The media crush at Tebow's presser was insane. (Getty Images)
If you wanted to hear Tim Tebow’s latest explanation as to how much power he really had in the Broncos decision to trade him to the Jets -- he originally said he didn’t have any power, but then John Elway said Tebow did, in fact, have input -- he said it all in the first answer of the massive media availability Monday afternoon in New Jersey.

And I’m still kinda confused about all of it.

“When I woke up Wednesday morning and talked to coach [John] Fox, he told me some of those opportunities that were out there,” Tebow said. “The next thing I know I got a call from Mr. [Mike] Tannenbaum and coach [Rex] Ryan that I was a Jet. I was really excited about that. I was ready to take the next flight out to New York. Then the media circus happened. Then I found out there was a snag in the contract. It was five hours of waiting.

“Coach Fox was keeping me updated. Later in the day, they said, there are a few teams that are interested. They were gracious to ask me what I thought. I told them I would love to be a Jet, but the Jaguars were my hometown. I said whatever was best for the team. They had all the power, but they listened to me and what I had to say. I told them I would love to be a Jet. I love the coaches. I also told them I would love to be a Jaguar.”

Tebow later revealed that he knows the Jets coaches much more than he knows the Jaguars staff. Those previous relationships certainly helped push him to want the Jets job rather returning home to Jacksonville.

Aside from that, there wasn’t much newsworthy during the 35-minute event. Tebow was charming without saying much of anything -- which is what we expected. But here a few crumbs we swept up from the presser.

On his relationship with Mark Sanchez: “Me and Mark have a great relationship. We’ve been friends. We text back and forth. We’ve talked already. We’re going to have a great working relationship, and I think we’ll have a lot of fun together.”

On having a news conference for the backup quarterback: “The reason we’re doing it is because I have bosses too. They wanted me to stand up here. I can blame it on them.”

On whether the Jets bringing him to town was more a publicity stunt than a football move: “I really don’t take offense to that. I don’t think it’s true, because I think the Jets get a lot of support as it is. It has more to do with the coaches believing in me and thinking I’m an OK player.”

On if NFL defenses have made the Wildcat irrelevant: “One misconception is that people think the Wildcat is just a direct snap to a running back and he runs power. When you have the ability to have five or six people touch the ball on every single play, that makes defenses play slow. When you have a great offensive coordinator like coach [Tony] Sparano, it can be effective.”

On the New York media crush he’s about to experience: “Being at the University of Florida, you have a pretty big platform. Being a quarterback for two years in the NFL, it gives you a big platform. I’m going to be myself and just have fun of it. Something I learned early on at Florida, if you can’t control it, don’t worry about it.”

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