Titans coach Mike Vrabel calls Nick Saban, Urban Meyer part of the NFL 'farm system'

The debate around college sports is no secret. Whether NCAA players should be paid or allowed to use their likeness in things that would get them paid has been debated for ages. However, new Titans head coach Mike Vrabel may have inadvertently added another leg to the debate on Monday, when he called college football the NFL's "farm system" in his introductory press conference when he was asked about the prevalence of the spread offense in college.

This isn't much of an "aha" moment. Everyone playing in college is doing so with the aspiration of playing in the NFL. However, calling guys like Urban Meyer and Nick Saban the equivalent of minor-league coaches is a bit of an eye-opener. Also, for someone so recently removed from the NFL, Vrabel knows the dynamics between the leagues better than most current coaches (even though those dynamics are completely different from when he was Ohio State more than 20 years ago).

Baseball, basketball and hockey all have farm leagues. The MiLB, D-League and AHL all pay their players. For this reason, you aren't going to see the NCAA acknowledging this quote. What's more, NCAA football is more lucrative than any of these leagues. The debate will continue to rage on, but Vrabel putting a label on this relationship is just another notch under "reasons to pay student athletes."

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