Titans to unveil a new uniform in just weeks, here's what fans want to see

The AFC South is going to have a slightly different look in 2018, and that's because half the division will be rocking new uniforms next season. 

The Titans announced on Thursday that the new uniforms will be unveiled on April 4.

Although it's been known since last August that the team would be getting a new look for 2018, this is the first time the Titans have given a date on when their new uniforms will be revealed. Tennessee's announcement comes one week after the Jaguars announced they would also be unveiling new uniforms in April

So what will the Titans' new uniforms look like? 

Controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk offered a few vague hints during an interview with Paul Kuharsky back in August.  

"It's not minor. It's not a total color change or anything like that. I think everybody is going to be very pleased with where it went," Adams Strunk said. "Like with a lot of changes around here, we were due a change. We'll roll it out before the [2018] season, they'll get to see it."

The Titans owner also added the Tennessee's new uniform will be unlike what anyone else has. 

"It's going to be totally updated," Adams Strunk said. "I think the fans are going to be excited. I'm not seeing other teams have anything close to what we will have."

Fans have been looking for clues and one of them might have come last summer when the team added a new logo to their weight room floor. Here's what the old logo looks like...

... And here's what the new logo on the weight room floor looks like. 

Of course, that might not mean anything at all. 

That being said, Titans fans are definitely pumped up about the fact that the team is getting a new uniform. As a matter of fact, some fans were so pumped that they sent a few ideas to the Titans' official Twitter account. Here's a small look at what some Titans fans are hoping to see when the uniforms are unveiled. 

Keep in mind, the images below are what the fans want to see and most likely won't look anything like the uniform that eventually gets unveiled. 

The two fans below want to see the Titans go with a red jersey, which I think I could definitely get behind, and I definitely like the first one better. 

Whenever a new uniform is unveiled, you can almost guarantee it will "leak" on Reddit first, even if it's not an actual leak because it's not the actual new uniform. Here's what leaked on Reddit for the Titans' uniform

Some fans, like the guy below, would the team to stay away from making any big changes and just make a few subtle changes. 

Here's a mock-up that would make the Titans look like the Oilers of old. 

On the other hand, this guy wants the Titans to go all sky blue. 

Based on Twitter, it seems that Titans fans would also like the team to go completely crazy with their helmet. 

We won't have to wait long to see what the Titans actually do. The new uniforms will be unveiled in less than six weeks.  

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