The Los Angeles Rams saved nearly $10 million in 2020 salary cap space by releasing veterans Todd Gurley and Clay Matthews this offseason, but both players are wondering aloud whether the team saved a little too much. Gurley took to Twitter late Wednesday to suggest the Rams still owe him money, and Matthews quickly followed up with his own accusation of late payments.

"Past due," Gurley tweeted at the Rams' official account. "Send me money ASAP."

Matthews' remarks weren't any less subtle: "You and me both TG! Better get some interest with that, too."

Some fans on Twitter have already fired back at the players, suggesting such requests -- likely for unpaid million-dollar bonuses -- ring hollow during a global pandemic. But according to ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio, both Gurley and Matthews may be justified in airing their grievances. Matthews, who spent just one season in L.A., believes the Rams owe him a fully guaranteed $2 million roster bonus that was due on or before March 30, per Florio, whereas Gurley, the former Offensive Player of the Year, could be vying for a $7.55 million bonus that may or may not still be owed.

The Rams informed ProFootballTalk they will not have any statement on Gurley and Matthews' claims, and it's possible they may not even have the cap space to dish out such payments at this time. According to Spotrac, Los Angeles currently ranks dead last in the NFL in 2020 space.