Todd Gurley is now a member of the Atlanta Falcons, but he's still owed some money from the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams cut their former No. 10 overall pick as well as linebacker Clay Matthews this offseason -- saving nearly $10 million in 2020 salary cap space -- but they both complained in early April that they hadn't received the money they were owed. Now in May, apparently nothing has changed. 

During an appearance with Jimmy Spencer for the podcast Uninterrupted, Gurley revealed that he's still waiting for his money -- and even established a timeline for when he wants to be paid. 

"I don't know what their reason is. ... They know they have to pay me too," Gurley said, via Bleacher Report. "Apparently probably just using the COVID thing as an excuse. They probably ain't go no money to be paying nobody. They've got that stadium being built right now. All I know is, come June 1, I better have my money."

While it appears he has reason to, Gurley says he has not filed a grievance since grievances aren't being heard due to the current pandemic. Even if we weren't in a world dominated by the coronavirus, Gurley isn't sure if he would file one since it could possibly just delay a resolution. Last month, ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported that Matthews filed a grievance against the Rams for over $2 million in unpaid guarantees. 

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio reported in April that although the Rams cut Gurley before the third day of the new league year -- which avoided another $10.5 million payment -- Los Angeles already owed Gurley a fully-guaranteed roster bonus of $7.55 million, which is likely what the three-time Pro Bowl running back is referring to. We say "likely" because the Rams should be entitled to a partial offset based on Gurley's new one-year deal with the Falcons. Even if it's not $7.55 million, the Rams still have yet to pay Gurley money he is owed.