If Elon Musk ends up buying Twitter, the biggest winner might end up being Tom Brady

After news broke on Thursday that Musk had put in a $43 billion bid for the tech company, Brady used his Twitter account to ask Musk if he could pull off a pretty hilarious favor. 

Here's what Brady asked the billionaire: 

If you've ever seen Brady's combine photo, then you probably know why he wants it deleted off of Twitter forever. Before he became famous for his TB12 diet, Brady was apparently on the Twinkie 12 diet in 2000, which is where you eat 12 Twinkies a day. 

Here's a look at his combine photo: 

Brady's performance at the 2000 NFL combine definitely wasn't anything to brag about. The Buccaneers quarterback ran 5.28 in the 40-yard dash and if you're wondering how slow that is, it's the slowest that any eventual starting QB has run in the 40 over the past 20 years. Brady's time was so slow that it was even worse than Philip Rivers, who ran 5.08 in 2004 (Rivers isn't exactly known for his blazing speed). Even Nick Foles managed to top Brady, running a 5.03 in 2012. 

Brady also struggled with his vertical jump at the combine. The former Michigan quarterback only got 24.5 inches in the air. To put that in perspective, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had a 34.5-inch jump at the 2014 combine. During the 2022 combine, only two of the top-five QB prospects participated in the vertical jump and both of them went over 33 inches (Kenny Pickett jumped 33.5 while Desmond Ridder led all quarterbacks with a 36-inch vertical). 

If Brady's smart, he'll get Musk to buy the entire internet so he can erase all his combine results from existence. On the other hand, Brady is living proof that a player can have a horrible combine and still go on to become the greatest quarterback of all time.  

As for Musk, with a net worth of $259 billion, he's currently the world's richest man, so if he is serious about buying Twitter, then he can do it. You can read more about his bid by clicking here and heading over to CBS News