Today we learned a fascinating factoid: Tom Brady destroys his cell phone every eight months or so. At least that's what he told Roger Goodell at his appeal hearing, something the commissioner didn't seem to appreciate while declining to reverse -- or even reduce -- Brady's four-game suspension for Deflategate.

The crux of Goodell's appeal ruling against Brady was Brady's destruction of evidence, but the Patriots quarterback attempted to claim he frequently destroys his cell phone.

"Brady testified that it is his practice to destroy (or give to his assistant to destroy) his cellphone and SIM cards when he gets a new cellphone. Mr. Brady also testified that, based on his typical practice, he would have asked to have the existing cellphone destroyed at or about the same time he began using his new cellphone. According to records provided by Mr. Brady, he began using a new cellphone -- and based on what Mr. Brady and his counsel described as his ordinary practice, gave his old cellphone to his assistant to be destroyed -- on or about March 6, 2015, the very day he met with Mr. Wells and his team to be questioned about the tampering allegations."

One problem: Tom had an even older cell phone he didn't destroy. So the NFL kind of saw that as a weird "anomaly" that, without a rational explanation, made for some bad excuse-making.

The timing of it is interesting, though. Brady didn't destroy a phone he took out of circulation in November of 2014. He did destroy his new phone on March 6, 2015.

Which means that, if you're buying what Brady is selling, the Patriots quarterback smashes his cell phone every eight months or so. 

There's something intelligent here from a perspective of maintaining privacy, but there's an also an issue of consistency that makes Brady look pretty bad in all of this.

Will Tom Brady come to regret smashing his cell phone? (USATSI)