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One of the aspects that made Tom Brady a successful quarterback was his ability to communicate with players. No matter if Brady had Troy Brown or David Patten at wide receiver, or Randy Moss and Wes Welker, Brady made sure his top playmakers got the ball.

Brady understood the offense needed to succeed with the top playmakers getting the ball, something he's going to monitor in his first year as a broadcaster in 2024. The New England Patriots legend used his experience as a quarterback to reason with today's top playmakers. 

"You always felt you had to do something to get them the ball," Brady said on The Herd with Colin Cowherd this week. "They haven't touched the ball in practice I made sure I got 'so-and-so' the ball, because I want them to keep running hard. And I want him to be ready for when the ball does come. 

"You see that a lot in NFL games. I want to see the best players touch the ball early. So they can break a sweat and get into the flow of a game. And good coaches do that.

The importance of playmakers like Travis Kelce, Justin Jefferson, A.J. Brown, Ja'Marr Chase, CeeDee Lamb and Tyreek Hill getting the ball early is important for an entire offense. Not only does it get them into the rhythm, but avoids a dysfunction in the offense. 

Brady understood that, and will be seeing if teams do the same throughout the year, 

"We would always try to script so that everybody would feel like they were in the flow of the game," Brady said. "The last thing you want is your No. 1 wide receiver to go two-and-a-half quarters into a game and not see a ball, get one target. 

"Because he's gonna get discouraged. ... It's a lot of effort he's putting into not getting the ball."