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It's been nearly two weeks since Tom Brady decided to get a little crazy by throwing the Lombardi Trophy off his boat at the Buccaneers Super Bowl parade and in the time since his drunken throw, a lot of people have shared their feelings about it -- not everyone was a fan -- but one person we haven't heard from his Brady himself. 

Although Brady had some fun on Twitter after the parade by mocking himself for his apparent drunkenness, the quarterback never said or wrote anything about how he felt about his toss of the Lombardi Trophy. However, that changed over the weekend when Brady mentioned the throw for the first time on social media. 

During one of his Instagram stories -- and just for the record, Brady posts a lot of Instagram stories -- the quarterback shared an image where he called the trophy toss "the riskiest pass I threw all season."

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I will go ahead and agree with Brady on the fact that it was his riskiest pass of the season. 

When you throw a pass on an NFL field, the risk is very minimal, there are two bad things that could happen: It will get intercepted or fall incomplete. On the other hand, when you're throwing a Lombardi trophy during a parade, there are multiple bad things that could happen: Brady could have dropped the trophy on his foot, he could have thrown the trophy in the water, the trophy could have cracked someone's head open. Also, throwing a trophy across any body of water is a low percentage throw, especially when you're drunk. 

Even Brady's daughter thought the throw was a bad idea. You can hear her yelling "nooooo" in the video below. 

Of course, this story has a happy ending because Brady managed to come through under pressure like he always does. The 43-year-old threw a perfect pass that was caught by Cameron Brate, which was good news for Brate, because he was ready to retire if he didn't come down with the reception. 

"If I had dropped that? I think I would've had to retire," Brate said after the parade. "That was amazing. He pointed it at me. We talked about it earlier. It was a great throw. I mean, what do you expect from Tom Brady? A great throw."

Brady was definitely aware of the risk involved, because a later video showed the quarterback laughing about one of the scenarios that could have played out on the throw. 

"If that hit your face, it would've been a disaster," Brady said.

The good news for Brady and Brate is that the disaster was averted, which means the two will now be remembered for pulling off the greatest throw-and-catch of the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl parade history.