The second Tom Brady hits the legal tampering period on March 16, expect there to be a number of teams picking up the phone to give the six-time Super Bowl champion a call. There's no doubt that Brady will have a market, possibly even a robust one. With that in mind, however, we are seeing some teams once linked to the legendary quarterback now look like they won't be dialing up TB12's number. 

Albert Breer of the MMQB reports that the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts can be crossed off the list of potential destinations for Brady. In fact, Breer writes that he "was told pretty emphatically that neither club would be in the mix." 

The case for the Giants pursuing the 42-year-old quarterback was always a head-scratcher. Yes, they have former Patriots special teams coordinator Joe Judge in place as their new head coach, but the Giants did just draft Daniel Jones with the No. 6 overall pick last year, and he showed tremendous promise in his 12 starts in 2019. After ushering out arguably the greatest quarterback in franchise history in Eli Manning to make way for Jones, it wouldn't make much sense to change course and bring in another aging signal caller like Brady no matter how much he still has left in the tank. Also, that would in theory stunt the growth of their long-term answer under center in Jones, especially if he's sitting behind Brady for the next couple of years. it was fun to think of Brady being in The Big Apple, but the logistics don't really work. 

With the Colts, it would have been weird to see Brady play in the house that Peyton Manning -- his longtime rival -- built. Indy presents an attractive destination for any of these free agent quarterbacks when you consider their offensive line and cap space to add even more talent. Philip Rivers has been linked to this spot, so you're probably wondering why they are reportedly out on Brady. Well, Rivers does have a relationship with the Colts coaching staff, which could be a determining factor for both sides. 

On top of those two clubs seemingly sitting out of the Brady sweepstakes, Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston recently reported that the Las Vegas Raiders, another team heavily linked to the quarterback, won't be all-in on trying to get him to Sin City. They'll still seemingly explore the opportunity, but they may not be as determined to land Brady as once thought. 

While the Raiders are somewhat wishy-washy on Brady, Breer reports that the Chargers, Titans and Buccaneers are all planning to make a run at Brady if/when he gets to the open market. The Patriots, of course, will also be trying to re-sign Brady, but owner Robert Kraft is leaving the ultimate decision up to head coach Bill Belichick. Breer notes that the Krafts will not intervene on this, as it could have a ripple effects that damage the franchise long-term. 

So, we still don't know where Brady will be playing in 2020, but we can at least cross a couple teams off the list. That has to count for something, right?