When you do ever see a 6-year-old mature enough to give and care to the point of inspiring a 38-year-old? Never happens. But Gabriel Aljalian managed to inspire Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, no stranger to charitable causes.

Aljalian was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago and decided to turn the day he was diagnosed into a charitable giving event known as "Gabriel's Day of Kindness." Gabriel and his family give back to the community each year, but this year the script was flipped a little bit.

His dream has always been to play football with Brady and it happened recently, as Make A Wish fulfilled his dream

Further proving Gabriel's a one-of-a-kind kid, he gave Brady -- Tom Brady -- $10

"Gabriel also wanted to do something nice for Tom Brady for playing football with him, so he made him a thank you card and decided to give him $10 that someone had very kindly given him earlier in the week (the beauty/innocence of childhood). When we shared the cards with him, and told him that Gabriel wanted to give him his $10, the football great was so surprised, and visibly moved. His response was genuine and kind; he then smiled, leaned down and asked Gabriel to give him a hug."

There was apparently some question about Brady keeping the $10, but he did keep it. Good for him and hopefully it ends up being framed somewhere in his house. Or just near his door. As noted by Gabriel's foundation Facebook page, "Gabriel would have been heartbroken otherwise."

The football event ended up being a pretty huge thing, with Pats owner Bob Kraft, Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski spending time with 10 youngsters around the facility. 

Brady and Gabriel. (via Facebook)