Everything about the Patriots' offseason screams dysfunction, or at least points to some kind of turmoil with a number of longtime employees who perhaps see the ending of a dynasty coming around the bend. It's natural for this to happen. And Tom Brady's words this offseason only confirm the issues that are happening behind the scenes.

His recent appearance with Oprah Winfrey, a 41-minute video and podcast released in two parts, has produced a number of different topics about Brady's future and what he's dealing with in his current life. 

It should be noted here that Brady HAS to be aware of the scrutiny given to each and every one of his answers when he speaks publicly. He is thoughtful, does not waste his words and when speaking on a produced program, has probably given thought to a question he knew was coming. So it's telling that he issued a very pregnant pause before answering a question related to Bill Belichick. 

"Ummmmm," Brady said as part of a long hesitation. "No, I mean, I love him. I love that he's an incredible coach, a mentor for me and he's pushed me a lot of ways. Like everything, we don't agree on absolutely everything. That's relationships."

If someone ever asks how you feel about your significant other and you pause like that before saying "no, I love [him/her]" you are going to be in trouble when you get home. Brady and Belichick aren't married, but they're as close as it gets from a football sense. 

This falls right in line with his initial, semi-joking answer when asked earlier this offseason whether or not he thinks the Patriots appreciate him, with Brady deciding to plead the fifth

Brady's said he sees his career ending sooner than later, and time sort of dictates that's going to be the case. He sounded hesitant at the end of "Tom Vs. Time" when asked about whether he wanted to keep playing football. Rumors circulated this offseason about his interest in playing football in 2018. Those rumors picked up steam when Rob Gronkowski trade rumors popped up, with speculation Brady wasn't willing to play in 2018 if the Patriots decided to move their star tight end.

Asked about their relationship at an offseason practice, Belichick said exactly what you think he would say.

"I've always had a good relationship with Tom," Belichick deadpanned as Belichick does when he gives a press conference. 

The long and short of it is, if Belichick was on FaceSpace or MyBook or whatever he thinks is the social media platform the kids are using, he and Brady would be in a relationship and it would be listed as "it's complicated." (Note: I have no idea if Facebook actually still does relationship statuses like this; I changed mine seven years ago and don't plan on flipping it again.) 

But this is also June and this is a very much June story. When the calendar flips and we get closer to the actual NFL season, and when the Patriots sit down and hash everything out and get on the practice field, Brady is going to be Brady and Belichick is going to be Belichick. Football will take hold and the Pats will pursue another championship and may very well win the sixth under the Brady/Belichick duo.

All of this will look very stupid a year from now if that happens.