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Tom Brady continues to set records on and off the field. On Thursday, one of his rookie cards sold for a record price of $1.32 million on online auction house PWCC Marketplace. The card is a 2000 Playoff Contender Championship Ticket card that is autographed and graded an eight along with a 10 grading on the signature.

It's widely believed that the $1.32 million selling price is the highest price paid for a football card. Last month, a Patrick Mahomes National Treasures autographed card sold for $861,000 and is only one of five of those cards in existence. At the time, the Mahomes card broke the previous record of $555,988, which was held by a different Brady card.

Brady himself even reacted to the news that his rookie card sold for a hefty sum. In a post on his Instagram story, Brady shared the post about the card and wrote, "Okay I am definitely cleaning out the basement this morning."

It was purchased by James Park, who is an avid card collector.

"I lived in Boston for 10 years and so am a huge fan of Brady," Park posted in the comments on PWCC Marketplace's Instagram post about the card. "I've also had a love of collecting cards since I was a kid. Given Brady's uncontested status as GOAT in football, this card is an important piece of sports history and of any collection."

It's possible that this $1.32 million price tag might not hold the record for too long, however. According to ESPN, there is a similar Brady card being auctioned at Lelands soon that is graded at 8.5. The bids are already up over $700,000 with nearly a month remaining for bids.