If you got annoyed by all the penalty flags that were thrown during the first half of the Titans-Jaguars game on Thursday, then you have something in common with Tom Brady

The first two quarters of the game turned into a flag fest, which Brady definitely didn't find entertaining, and he let everyone on Twitter know that he wasn't amused by all the penalties that were being called. Brady is not the first person to be annoyed by how the NFL officials are calling the games so far in the 2019 regular season. This issue has carried over from the preseason.

During the first half of the game, there were a total of 10 penalties called on both teams combined. Of those 10 penalties, seven of the flags were thrown for holding. 

The fact that a bunch of holding penalties were called isn't necessarily that surprising, and that's because the NFL asked its officiating crews to emphasize offensive holding calls this season. 

Of course, the problem with that is that when there are too many flags thrown, the game becomes borderline unwatchable. 

Just ask Brady about that. 

Note to the NFL: Having the biggest star in your league turn off a game because it's become unwatchable definitely isn't a good look. If Brady -- who possibly loves football more than anyone alive -- can't bear to watch all the penalties, then it's almost a certainty that casual fans are going to be turned off by all the stoppages in play. 

Despite all the penalties, the Jaguars were leading the Titans 14-0 at the half. 

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