Week 5 of the NFL season marked the return of one Tom Brady to the Patriots starting lineup and he came back with a vengeance, carving up the Browns for more than 400 yards and three touchdowns (all to Martellus Bennett, which made many people very angry).

But it wasn't all perfect for Brady. The future Hall of Famer has a history of being really terrible at high-fiving people, and his lack of cool reactions on the football field continued against Cleveland.

After doing his best Cam Newton imitation by picking up a first down while rushing -- for 12 yards no less -- Brady did his best Newton imitation in celebration by busting out the "dab" -- well, sort of.

Every time Brady does something like this, it always has a goofy little look to it.

Maybe he meant to look less cool. He certainly wasn't trying to look uncool during his high-fiving shenanigans, although maybe he was just messing with all of us.

Sunday did feel like much more than just a game from Brady, who spent the first month of the season suspended for the NFL's ruling in Deflategate.

And he's been D'd up a bunch on high fives before too.

Maybe Brady is just so freaking cool that he's capable of acting uncool. Like some sort of cool inception that only can be achieved by being the greatest quarterback of all time and being married to a supermodel.