The business of Tom Brady is booming. Brady, who just wrapped up his fifth Super Bowl-winning season, has a cookbook that costs more than $200 and a meal-delivery service through Team Carrot that is doing very well. 

In case you need more proof, take a look at Brady's new book, which he announced Thursday afternoon and which is already a freaking bestseller on Amazon. 

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That's not just sports books or sports biographies -- although Brady has the No. 1 (hardcover) and No. 2 (Kindle version) best-selling book in those categories on Amazon too. That's all books on Amazon. It hit No. 1 on Thursday afternoon as people were pre-ordering it. 

The book, entitled The TB12 Method, is 320 pages and described in a press release as an "athlete's bible." Brady does point out in the release that it "can benefit all people regardless of age, athletic level, stage of life."

Brady will touch on how to take care of one's body through nutrition, training, hydration, etc., in the book. 

The Patriots quarterback pointed out on Instagram that he has been working on the book "for the past 12 years of my career." 

It's easy to look at the #brand Brady is building as cult-ish and odd. Certainly his food choices are anything but normal. And yet, Brady is heading toward 40 years old with no sign of slowing down as he continues to build his legacy as the greatest quarterback -- and maybe player -- to ever play in the NFL

If he's got advice for young athletes, it is probably advice worth reading. 

The book will cost $29.99 for the hardcover and $14.99 for the Kindle edition. Hopefully it won't be as hard to get as his cookbook.