Tom Brady might be better at Twitter than he is at football. 

The Buccaneers quarterback has been an active Twitter user all offseason and with training camp right around the corner, Brady decided to celebrate the occasion by releasing a video that appeared to show off his insane accuracy. The video was so crazy that people immediately started wondering whether it was real or fake. 

The 23-second video features Brady throwing a football into a Jugs machine with each throw being so accurate that the Jugs machine is able to spit the throws right back to Brady... and I have no idea why I'm trying to explain this to you when I can just show you the video. 

In less than 24 hours, the video garnered nearly 10 million views on Twitter, which is an insane number. To put that in perspective, the last video Brady shared ended with just 370,000 views. 

After Brady shared the Jugs video, no one on Twitter was sure if it was real or fake. 

Well DJ, I can actually answer that for you: The video is fake. 

I hate to be the party pooper, but it turns out Brady used a director, a CGI company and a producer for the video. Brady hinted at this on Instagram where he also shared the video. In his Instagram caption, Brady credited Ari Fararooy for creating the video. Fararooy also shared the video on his Instagram and he made sure to note that a company called Shadow Lion produced the video and that the CGI was done by a company called Warm & Fuzzy.

Warm & Fuzzy just fooled half the internet with its CGI in the video so I'm guessing it might get hired for a few more gigs after this.

By the way, the fact that people weren't sure whether this was real tells you how good Brady really is. The man has won seven Super Bowls and will be playing in the NFL at 44, so it's no surprise that people thought that he was throwing a football with pinpoint accuracy into a Jugs machine. 

Speaking of the Jugs machine, Brady won't have to use that anymore because he got to throw to real receivers when the Buccaneers held their first practice of training camp on Sunday