Tom Brady, Mario Chalmers crack 'People' Sexiest Man Alive list

Brady is the sexiest man alive from Michigan, apparently. (US Presswire)

If you had to pick the two sexiest athletes out there today, would you side with People and go with Tom Brady and -- Mario Chalmers? Probably not.

But in putting together it's "United States of Sexy" list -- before crowning Channing Tatum the "Sexiest Man Alive" -- the magazine named the Patriots quarterback and the Miami Heat point guard members of a geography-based list of sexy.

Brady was named the sexiest man from Michigan (Mad Men's John Slattery won in Massachusetts) and Chalmers picked up the award from Alaska.

"While he plays for the New England Patriots and was born in California, Brady honed his athletic prowess as a quarterback for the University of Michigan, shepherding the Wolverines to victory in the Citrus Bowl and the Orange Bowl in the late 1990s," the magazine writes.

So in other words -- no real logic to the decision. OK then. As for Chalmers, he represented Alaska.

"He now plays in tropical South Beach, but the Miami Heat point guard has the distinction of being only the third player to enter the NBA from Alaska," People writes.

In reality, the list is really just picking the most famous reasonably good-looking male from each state.

(To wit: I saw "Maine: Patrick Dempsey" and yelled "THE DUDE FROM STEP-BY-STEP MADE THE SEXIEST MEN ALIVE LIST?" and then Mrs. Brinson was like, "No, that's Patrick Duffy, you idiot." But as it turns out, Duffy is on the list too! I mean, what year is this?)

Anyway, is any of this news? No, of course it's not news. And you don't need to tell me that in the comments, much less point out that I'm an idiot for wasting your time. My wife already took care of that thank you very much. Besides, the Eye on Basketball guys gave me $10 to handle this so they didn't have to. I mean, Mario Chalmers?

Awkward bro hug to USA Today's Chris Chase for the find

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