Tom Brady moves past Dan Marino for fourth-most passing yards in NFL history

Add another accomplishment to Tom Brady's already overstuffed trophy case: On Sunday, Brady moved past Dan Marino for the fourth-most passing yards in NFL history.

Fittingly, Brady passed Marino in the Patriots' 35-14 victory over the Dolphins.

Brady entered Sunday with 61,306 yards. So, he needed just 55 yards to tie Marino. He got more than 55 yards in the first quarter alone, starting the game 10 of 12 for 88 yards and two touchdowns.

Brady tied Marino on his second touchdown, which also marked Michael Floyd's first score with the Patriots.

Now, the question becomes just how far can Brady move up that list?

At the top of the leaderboard is Peyton Manning with 71,940 passing yards. So, Brady still needs more than 10,000 yards to break Manning's record. For what it's worth, Brady's averaged 260.85 yards per game since he took over as the Patriots' starter in 2001. Manning, on the other hand, averaged 270.45 yards per game in his career. So, Brady is lagging behind Manning.

The best thing going for him? He doesn't appear to be slowing down despite his age (39). Entering Sunday, Brady averaged 298 yards per game this year. Maybe that insanely healthy diet of his is actually working.

Before Brady can aim for Manning's record, he'll need to eclipse Drew Brees (65,761) and Brett Favre (71,838). Hopefully if Brady passes Favre, he -- like Manning -- will also receive a congraluatory video from Favre that's filmed from a tree.

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