Tom Brady offers some words of encouragement for Celtics' Isaiah Thomas

Star Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas suffered a personal tragedy last week when his sister, Chyna, was killed in a car accident the day before the Celtics' first playoff game. Thomas elected to play in both Game 1 and Game 2 of the Celtics' series against the Bulls. He was especially spectacular in Game 1, pouring in 33 points and recording six assists with the entire TD Garden crowd (as well as the whole city of Boston and much of the rest of the country) behind him. 

Thomas said Wednesday that this has been the hardest week of his life, and thanked the many people that have stood by him during this difficult time. 

On Friday, Thomas got some extra words of encouragement from another Boston star: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who dedicated an Instagram post to letting Thomas know that Brady has his back. 

It's how you come back... Good luck tonight. We all have your back! #YourTurn

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Thomas and Brady presumably got to know each other a bit when they traveled to the Hamptons to pitch Kevin Durant on joining the Celtics last summer. Celtics president Danny Ainge let slip that Thomas, Marcus Smart and Jae Crowder were "infatuated" by Brady at a group lunch. Durant ultimately chose the Golden State Warriors over the Celtics and several other teams, but apparently Brady and Thomas formed enough of a bond that Brady felt the need to reach out. 

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