Tom Brady on knee injury: 'We were just trying to be smart'

Tom Brady said the Pats 'were just trying to be smart' with his knee.
Tom Brady said the Pats 'were just trying to be smart' with his knee. (USATSI)

Tom Brady's knee, if you didn't hear, is doing just fine thanks for asking. The Patriots quarterback suffered a knee injury in practice last week when Adrian Clayborn pushed Nate Solder back into the pocket and it collapsed on Brady. But then he shredded the Buccaneers defense, reminding everyone he was just fine.

Speaking on WEEI Monday morning, Brady re-emphasized just how well he was doing and said the Pats were "just trying to be smart" when they took him off the field.

"If that was a Wednesday or Thursday practice during the regular season, you’d probably never hear anything about it," Brady said. "I felt bad it caused more of a media story than it actually was worth of. We were just trying to be smart."

As for playing in the preseason, Brady said there wasn't ever really a question as to whether or not he was going to play, since getting out there is "your only game prep."

“It’s your only game prep. I haven’t taken a hit in eight months,” Brady said. “It’s just hard to say, ‘Well, let’s just see what happens against Buffalo. You’ve got to put it in and see where you’re at and see the game speed and the reads. One play in a regular season game can cost you, so you’ve got to try to work those kinks out as best you can before the season starts.”

“Look, I hope we win every game by 50 points. But just ‘cause I hope that doesn’t mean that’s going to happen. We’ve got to go out and work at it."

Brady's skipped the entire preseason and gone on to start Week 1 once in his career. That was 2008 and I think we all know how that ended up. (Hint: not well.) Things already look better for 2013, as Brady spent most of Friday night carving up Tampa's pass defense and generally developing a wonderful rapport with Danny Amendola.

But the Pats quarterback also reiterated that the Patriots offense, for as good as they looked on Friday, are "far from where they're going to be."

“I would say that we’re far from where we’re going to be,” he said. “Hopefully by the time we play Buffalo, we’ve done some good things out there. We’ve done some good things out there. Four possessions, three touchdowns – probably should’ve been better on that fourth drive. It’s been good at this point, but it really means zero at this point, also."

Brady's right. Which is exactly why it was so necessary for him to get out on the field during the preseason and get some work in.

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