The New England Patriots have had quite an eventful offseason, and nowhere has it been more eventful than in their wide receiver room. Here's everything that happened. The Patriots:

Like I said, it's been eventful. 

Pats QB Tom Brady -- who is tasked with throwing the football to all of these gentlemen -- gave a simple explanation for what happened in a radio interview Monday (an interview that made news for other reasons). "Certain things haven't worked out the way we would have hoped and players would have hoped, but that's football," Brady said, per a transcription by Pro Football Talk. 

Brady also noted that, well, it's not really up to him which receivers are on the team. "I don't make those decisions for our team. I don't go in there and tell them who I want," Brady said. "My job is to play quarterback and whoever's here that's who I have to make it work with."

Right now, who he has to work with are Edelman for 12 games, Berrios, Dorsett, Chris Hogan, Cordarrelle Patterson, special teams ace Matthew Slater, and street free agents like Lucien, Turner, Maye, and Riley McCarron. If anyone can make this group work, it's Brady, but it's not exactly as high quality a group as he's had in the past. At least not at first glance.