Tom Brady reportedly sits out Patriots' preseason opener due to minor injury

Tom Brady didn't take a single snap during the Patriots' preseason opener on Thursday, and apparently, that wasn't by design. 

According to the Boston Globe, Brady was supposed to see some action against the Redskins, but the Patriots decided to hold him out of the game because he's been dealing with a sore back, which probably isn't the way Brady wanted to celebrate the $5 million in incentives that were reportedly added to his contract this week. The Globe report also notes that Brady's practice load has been cut down over the past week.

After the Patriots' 26-17 win, Bill Belichick was asked why Brady didn't see any action against the Redskins, and let's just say, he wasn't very forthcoming with his answer. 

"Some players played, some players didn't," Belichick said. "We tried to play people we wanted to take a look at and give some reps to."

For the Patriots, most of the quarterback reps went to Brian Hoyer, who finished 16 of 23 for 144 yards. Rookie Danny Etling also saw some action in the game, going 2 of 5 for 21 yards. Hoyer and Etling have also apparently been getting most of the practice reps recently due to the back issue that Brady's been dealing with. 

So how light has Brady's workload been?

According to the Providence Journal, Brady has taken at least one day off (Aug. 3) over the past week and there was also another day where he uncharacteristically didn't take any full-team reps (Aug. 4). The Journal also noted that Brady had a lighter workload in the three practices after that. 

The fact that Brady missed Thursday's game isn't necessarily a big deal, especially when you consider that he hasn't played in Week 1 of the preseason since 2015. However, any time a 41-year-old is dealing with a back issue, there should always be some concern. With no Jimmy Garoppolo waiting in the wings, the Patriots have put all their eggs in the Brady basket this year, and if for some reason he can't play, they would be in some serious trouble. 

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