One of the most amusing stories of the weekend came from Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, who had the details on a phone call from earlier this year that involved a rookie general manager trying to trade for Tom Brady

At some point this year, before the Patriots traded Jimmy Garoppolo, new 49ers general manager John Lynch called up Bill Belichick and asked if Garoppolo was available for a possible trade. After Belichick told him no, Lynch called back and asked if Brady was available, because, let's be real, you have to shoot your shot when you can. 

According to Glazer, Belichick basically scoffed at the notion of trading Brady and immediately shot down Lynch's wild idea. 

So what does Brady think about the fact that his hometown team tried to trade for him? 

Apparently, he wasn't surprised at all, and it seems that he would've been even less surprised if the Patriots actually would've gone through with a trade because things like that happen to "everyone." 

Brady was asked about the 49ers' trade request during his weekly radio appearance on WEEI in Boston

"I have never really thought about that either, but I wouldn't see why that wouldn't be -- I mean, everyone has the opportunity to go to another team or get traded, or cut, or released," Brady said, via "I have played with so many great players that that has happened to, several times, and coaches too. Player movement is not new to anyone. You try and play well and try and add value to the team and you try and be a great player and if you're not a great player for the team you are on then you try and be a great player for the other team that you are on."

Fortunately for Brady, he's been a great player for nearly his entire 18-year career, so it's unlikely Belichick will ever dump him, especially now that the Patriots have traded Garoppolo. 

Brady also added that if he did get traded, his mindset wouldn't change. 

"The best thing you can do as a player is just play well," Brady said. "If you do that, I am sure there is some team out there that will want you. When you think about playing well, that is what you try and do and you do well for the team I have been on for a long time. I have always tried to approach it the same way. I just try and do the job the best I possibly can. Show up every day with a good positive attitude, try and lead the team and we try and win games."

The good news for Brady is that whenever he visits his parents from now on, he'll also be able to visit Garoppolo. The Patriots quarterback was raised in the Bay Area and grew up as a 49ers fan.