After the Jaguars upset the Steelers, 45-42, in Pittsburgh on Sunday, one of the first things that Jalen Ramsey did when he got back to Jacksonville was give the Patriots some serious bulletin board material for this week's AFC Championship game. 

During a speech in front of fans at Everbank Field, Ramsey guaranteed that the Jags would end the season as Super Bowl champs, which also means that he basically guaranteed a win over the Patriots. 

"I ain't got too much to say. But y'all make sure you bring that same energy out here next week AND the week after," Ramsey yelled into the microphone while walking around EverBank. "We goin' to the Super Bowl AND we gonna win that b--ch!

Patriots coach Bill Belichick is probably going to play that on a 24-hour loop for the next five days. Belichick must have handed out a memo to his team about how to respond to Ramsey's comments, because everyone in New England basically reacted the same way: They complimented the Jaguars corner. 

During his weekly radio interview with WEEI in Boston, Tom Brady was asked about Ramsey's comments and let's just say he definitely didn't offer any bulletin board material to the Jaguars. 

"I think what I have learned for a long time is it's how you play, it's not what you say," Brady said, via WEEI. "Everyone has different ways of handling things -- players do, coaches do. We do what works for us, other players do what works for them. The game is going to be decided by who plays the best, not who hypes the best or speaks the best. He's a really good player. I have watched a ton of film on him. He has a lot of strengths. He's obviously very confident. That is reflected in how he plays. I am more concerned about how he plays opposed to what he says."

Instead of paying attention to Ramsey, Brady said he is going to spend his time this week concentrating on how to beat the Jaguars. 

"We're going to have to play really well to score points," Brady said. "Again, that just speaks to the hype and us really trying to stay focused on what we need to do. The better we stay focused or the more laser-focused we are on our target, the better I think we will play."

Patriots receiver and special teams ace Matthew Slater might have come up with the best compliment by pointing out that God basically designed Ramsey to play corner in the NFL.  

"That guy is really good, and he should be confident, because he is very, very good," Matthew Slater said Tuesday, via quotes from the team. "The good Lord made that guy, and he said, 'Let there be corner.' And there he is. I'd be confident if I were him as well."

Patriots corner Duane Harmon was also complimentary of Ramsey. 

"Jalen Ramsey is a good player. He talks a lot of trash -- that's a part of his game," Harmon said, via quotes from the team. "You can't take it away from him. He's confident. He should be confident in his team. He has a really good football team."

One person who probably wishes Ramsey would have toned down his Super Bowl prediction is Jaguars coach Doug Marrone. During a Monday press conference, Marrone made it clear that Ramsey's prediction wasn't meant as disrespect to the Patriots. 

"You come back, and you've got all the fans here and things of that nature. Obviously that is something that everybody wants to do when you get this close," Marrone said, via quotes from the team. "Whether they have to say it or not, the one thing they do know is the road to it always leads through New England, so our focus isn't on anything else but the New England Patriots."

If the Jags are going to back up Ramsey's guarantee, they're going to have to do something they've never done before: Win in New England. Since the franchise's first year in 1995, the Jaguars have gone 0-7 at New England and 0-7 against Brady.