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Following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers victory over the Washington Football Team last weekend, Washington rookie Chase Young and Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady met in the middle of the field to exchange pleasantries and well wishes. Young called Brady the GOAT and asked the 43-year-old for a favor: to send him his jersey.

This conversation was picked up through the mic'd up feature that NFL teams have some of there players take part of in the form of putting microphones in their pads.

As it turns out, Brady made good on his promise to the Washington rookie and even had a little fun with the jersey donation with his signature. In addition to addressing the defender and telling him "BEST OF LUCK!" he added a cheeky "GO BLUE!" referencing the, admittedly one-sided in recent years, rivalry between Michigan (where Brady went to school) and Ohio State (where Young went to school).

At the end Washington's final regular season game, Young was famously caught on camera yelling "I WANT BRADY" while he skipped his way to the tunnel following his team clinching a playoff spot. While he was unable to wrap up the quarterback and bring him down in the game, he was able to get something almost as nice: a game-worn jersey of a quarterback he considers to be the greatest of all time. Not a bad substitute.