Tom Brady thinks Danny Amendola is uncoverable

Danny Amendola has the admiration from Tom Brady

During his presser on Wednesday, the quarterback was asked about the clutch ability of Amendola and how he always seems to find the wide out when he drops back to pass on third down or in a crucial situation. 

In his response, Brady put Amendola up there as one of the hardest covers in the NFL. In fact, often times the receiver doesn't even allow defensive backs to stay on him. 

"He's had such a great year," Brady said. "I mean, I can't say enough good things about Danny and everything he's meant to our offense. I mean, he's so tough and, to me, he's uncoverable.

"You turn on the tape, he's getting away from people, no matter what the route, no matter who's on him, no matter what's called, leverage, distance of the route. He's just been so great for us this year. I'm going to try to keep finding him because when you have that kind of trust, when you see it play after play after play - you know, you're the quarterback. You've got one ball. It goes to the guy who's open, and Danny's always finding a way to get open." 

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So far Amendola has caught 23 of his 27 targets from Brady in 2017 for 267 yards and a touchdown. While the numbers don't necessarily jump off the page (partly because he's missed time due to injury), it's when and where he's making those catches that makes him a key part in New England's offense. 

Amendola has eight receptions on third down this season and all but one of those catches have been converted for a first down. He also has one fourth down reception to his name and that too was for a first down. 

His role has seen even more of the spotlight given that Brady's main go-to receiver in Julian Edelman is gone for the season with a torn ACL, but Brady sees Amendola having his own niche in the offense rather than simply taking over for Edelman. 

"I think Danny's kind of always found his role in the things we've asked him to do," he said. "He's still in that role, and he's doing a great job of it. I mean, he's doing as good as he possibly can. I don't think anyone could do better than what Danny's doing."

As for that "uncoverable" comment, when it was brought up to Amendola later in the day, he smiled and said, "Whatever Tom says." 

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