Tom Brady throws Samsung under the bus, iPhone reaps $733K benefit

There were probably a few panic attacks at Samsung's headquarters on Wednesday morning after Tom Brady released his Deflategate statement -- And that's because Brady basically blamed everything on Samsung. 

Part of the reason Brady was suspended is because he wouldn't turn over his cell phone. The thing is, Brady couldn't have turned over the cell phone if he wanted to because according to him, it was broken. 

In his statement, the Patriots quarterback made sure to mention the particular brand of his broken cell phone and that brand was Samsung. 

The news actually got worse for Samsung after that because Brady didn't go out and buy another Samsung, he made sure to mention that he switched to an iPhone. 

According to the Apex Marketing Group, Samsung took a "negative value" hit of over $600,000 for the mention in Brady's statement. 

Brady didn't say how his phone broke, I'm guessing he broke it when he jumped off that cliff, but how he broke it doesn't matter, it's the fact that he didn't buy another Samsung that really hurt. 

Tom Brady is now team iPhone. (Facebook)
Tom Brady is now team iPhone. (Facebook)

After Brady mentioned that he dumped his Samsung and joined "Team iPhone," Apple basically got $733,000 in free advertising because of all the people who read the statement.  

Now, you might be thinking, "This can't be right, no one actually cares what kind of cell phone Tom Brady uses."

As it turns out though, people do care. 

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