NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons

Anyone who's a fan of the New England Patriots knows March 28 is a holiday, and anyone who's a fan of the Atlanta Falcons knows it's a day they are going to see a lot of memes and get flashbacks to one of the worst losses in Super Bowl history. The date, March 28, correlates with the score of Super Bowl LI (28-3) before the Patriots went on an epic comeback to beat the Falcons in overtime.

The score bug that read Patriots: 3, Falcons: 28 became a meme used around the sports world and a way to mock the Falcons and their fans. Patriots fans have celebrated the day ever since by posting pictures of their 3 to 28 apparel, as well as photos from the game.

It's a serious deal.

It's not just fans who celebrate, however. Players who were key in that game take advantage of looking back on one of the best Super Bowls of all time on that March day. Tom Brady, seven-time Super Bowl champion and New England Patriots quarterback for 20 years, trolled the Falcons on Instagram writing on Sunday, writing "Happy 3/28."

Along with the message, Brady posted a photo from the moment after they won the game and the celebration that occurred, tagging his former teammates in the picture.

Brady is really good at football, that goes without saying, but he is also really good at social media and this is just another example. He is constantly cracking jokes on Twitter and Instagram, posting funny videos and trolling others with what he has to say online.

Brady won six Super Bowls during his time with the Patriots and, while each championship was unique, this one remains one Patriots fans are constantly bringing up, especially to anyone in Atlanta.