Whatever Tom Brady is planning to do in free agency this year, he's not telling anyone, and when we say he's not telling anyone, that list of people he's not telling apparently includes his two most famous friends: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. 

During an interview on ESPN's "Get Up" this week, Affleck revealed that he's been trying to pry some inside information out of Brady about the quarterback's free agency plans, but so far, the actor has been unsuccessful. 

"Me and Matt texted him, 'What's the deal? You going or you staying?' And this is what we got back: An emoji," Affleck said. "So I really have no information for you."

I'm not sure what the most surprising part here is: That Brady won't even give his two most famous friends a hint on his free agency plans or the fact that Brady sends emoji texts. And for the record, the emoji was the shrugged shoulder guy, which Affleck re-enacted during the interview. 

Ben Affleck was not able to find out Tom Brady's free agency plans.  ESPN

The fact that Brady wasn't willing to give his two Boston buddies even a hint tells you one of two things: Either Brady genuinely has no idea what he's going to do yet or he's just not going to tell anyone until he actually signs a contract. If Brady was leaning toward staying with the Patriots, he could have let Damon and Affleck know that so that the two Patriot super fans could sleep peacefully at night, but instead, he sent an emoji. 

Oh, and as far as super fans go, Affleck might actually be the No. 1 Tom Brady fan on the planet. 

"Tom Brady is as close to as a human being that I worship," Affleck said. "It's always a treat and a joy to see him. he's a prince and a kind guy and a really sweet, sweet man, and just the greatest football player who has ever lived and I don't who could ever possibly deny that."

Although Affleck is a huge fan of both Brady and the Patriots, the actor made it clear that he won't hold anything against his close friend if he decides to leave New England. 

"I hope he stays. I think he's fabulous," Affleck said. "By the same token, he has given up a lot of money to play for that franchise over the years that he well deserves. The New England Patriots didn't sacrifice any money winning all those Super Bowls, selling all those tickets, selling all that merchandise. If Tom -- I pray and hope that he stays, it would break my heart if he left -- but I would respect the fact if he wanted to go, there was that rumor he wanted to play in San Francisco, if he wanted to play back home. If he wanted to go make X-million for two years, he totally deserves it, that's what capitalism and life is about. You're the greatest, you deserve it. He sacrificed a lot, he took a lot of cuts."

If Brady does stay in New England, Affleck would like to see the Patriots surround him with some offensive weapons. 

"They were definitely an Antonio Brown away from winning the Super Bowl this year, for sure," Affleck said. "The one game he played, it was just lights out. They've never been super great with surrounding him [with talent], except for the Randy Moss year when he broke all the records, and if he had had a receiver like that, I think you'd see eight, nine Super Bowl [wins]."

Besides free agency, one other topic Affleck has asked Brady about is Bill Belichick. So does Brady want to leave New England to prove that he can win a Super Bowl without Belichick?

"He has not said that to me and I have asked him quite a bit about Bill Belichick," Affleck said. 

What all of this means is that Affleck is probably going to find out about Brady's next move the same day you and I find out about Brady's next move. If you want to stay up-to-date on every rumor and piece of news surrounding Brady this offseason, make sure to click here to check out our free agency hub for the Patriots quarterback.