Just before the start of the NFL playoffs last season, a report came out that there was some serious tension in New England, and most of that tension was between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.  

According to ESPN.com, one of the main reasons for the tension was due to the fact that Belichick wasn't a big fan of Brady's trainer, Alex Guerrero. Basically, Belichick wasn't happy with the fact that some players were taking Guerrero's training advice over the advice that they were being given by the Patriots' medical staff, according to the Boston Sports Journal.

Things apparently got so bad last season that Belichick actually stripped Guerrero of many of his team privileges. According to the Boston Globe, Guerrero was banned "from boarding Patriots jets." Guerrero also saw his sideline access revoked and he was no longer "permitted to treat players other than Brady in his exclusive office at Gillette Stadium."

Apparently, Belichick, Brady and Guerrero have been able to sort out a few of their differences, because it appears that Guerrero's travel ban has come to an end. According to both NFL.com and ESPN.com, Guerrero was on the team flight to Charlotte on Thursday. The Patriots have a Week 3 preseason game against the Panthers on Friday. 

When the 2017 season started, Guerrero was allowed to travel on team flights, but at some point during the year, he got banned, and no one in the organization ever explained why, which really wasn't a surprise, because the Patriots don't ever really explain any of their decisions. 

With Brady now 41 years old, it makes sense that he wants his trainer around, and with the Patriots season riding on Brady's health, it makes sense that Belichick would want to keep his quarterback happy, especially since Jimmy Garoppolo is no longer around to fill-in as backup. 

Belichick might have OK'd Guerrero's access to the team plane, but one thing that hasn't changed is Guerrero's access to the sideline. The trainer was banned last year, and that ban is still in effect, according to the Boston Herald. Of course, that probably doesn't bother Brady, since there's not much Guerrero could do during a game. Even though he's not allowed on the sideline, Guerrero does seem to have other privileges: According to ESPN.com, Guerrero still has access to Gillette Stadium and has been allowed to roam the team's locker room this year. 

Although Guerrero is now allowed on the team plane, his presence is still kind of a sensitive topic. During his first interview of training camp, Belichick was asked if there had been "any changes in terms of policy or privileges" for Guerrero in 2018, and he refused to answer the question. 

"I'm not going to get into the specifics of what our staff does and so forth," Belichick said on July 26. 

Belichick was also asked if Guerrero was on the team's staff and he answered with a terse, "No."

As for Brady, he actually walked out of a press conference this year when someone asked if there was any connection between Guerrero and Julian Edelman's four-game suspension. Guerrero had been working with Edelman during the offseason. 

The good news for the Patriots is that if the Guerrero situation was a distraction last season, it doesn't look like it's going to be an issue in 2018.