Tom Crean not amused by John Harbaugh's Michigan State hat

John Harbaugh's a Michigan State fan? (Twitter/@WillBrinson)
John Harbaugh's a Michigan State fan? (Twitter/@WillBrinson)

When it comes to cheering for a college basketball team, apparently Ravens coach John Harbaugh doesn't share allegiances with anyone in his family. Harbaugh was at Madison Square Garden for the Elite Eight and he was cheering for Michigan State, a decision that could cause a serious rift in the Harbaugh family. 

For one, John's brother Jim is not a Michigan State fan. As a matter of fact, Jim probably hates Michigan State because Jim went to Michigan and people who went to Michigan don't like people who went to Michigan State. 

Not only that, but Michigan State beat Indiana twice this year. Why am I telling you that? Because Indiana is coached by Harbaugh's brother-in-law Tom Crean. So Jim and Tom are probably wondering what's up with John.

Forget probably, Tom Crean is definitely wondering what's up with John's allegiance: 

To make things even weirder, it doesn't look like John showed up at the game wearing any hat. So he either bought one or someone gave it to him. 

In the end though, it looks like Jim and Tom will get the last laugh because Michigan State lost to Connecticut 60-54

In case you're wondering, John went to Miami (Ohio), a school that's building him a statue. Also, well done by the CBS camera guys and the guys in the truck to spot Harbaugh in the crowd and then throw a promo up for Thursday Night Football. By the way, Thursday Night Football is on CBS this fall

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