Tony Dungy rips Josh McDaniels, calls backing out of Colts job 'indefensible'

It takes a lot to get Tony Dungy angry and perhaps it's fitting that the Patriots found a way to do it. Specifically, Dungy -- like just about everyone else around the league -- took issue with Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels' last-minute decision to back out of a deal that would have made him the next Colts' head coach.

McDaniels was convinced to stay by Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft, though, reportedly, no assurances were given that McDaniels would succeed Belichick when he retired. (This development, if true, blows Charlie Weis' mind.) McDaniels also didn't inform the assistants he hired to join him in Indianapolis of his decision until after the fact.

As the old saying goes, a man's word is all he's got. Which brings us a back to Dungy:

On Thursday morning ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted this message he received from an NFL executive: "I'm sure this is unpopular in our instant take world but good for Josh. It's not his fault playoff system and interview window is as it is."

Dungy remained unimpressed.

"You make those decisions before you say I Do," Dungy continued, via PFT. "Don't get married start a family then say I changed my mind. He didn't sign the contract but he said I Do. That is common decency and integrity. You don't do that to the families of your peers."

And Dungy isn't buying the idea that McDaniels was talked into the decision by Kraft, who reportedly was happy to stick it to the Colts for Deflategate.

"Has nothing to do with a Bob Kraft. This is all on Josh McDaniels. He's a grown man and has to take responsibility for his decisions," Dungy wrote. "I can tell you in the football coaching community it's not even close to being acceptable."

McDaniels' former agent agrees; he cut ties with McDaniels this week after reportedly calling his decision to stay in New England "career suicide."

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