Tony Romo, Cowboys players read mean tweets from fans

Tony Romo isn't too emotionally hurt after reading a mean tweet from a fan. (
Tony Romo isn't too emotionally hurt after reading a mean tweet from a fan. (

Back in March 2012, someone at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" had a brilliant idea, an idea that involved having celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. Fittingly, the segment was called 'Celebrities read mean tweets.' 

If you've ever been on Twitter, you may have noticed that celebrities aren't the only ones who get mean tweets sent their way -- so do athletes. The Cowboys decided to take advantage of this by producing their own video, 'Cowboys players read mean tweets from fans.'  

You have to go to the Cowboys website to watch the video, but I promise it'll be worth it because you'll get to see cornerback Brandon Carr read this tweet.

You'll also get to see Jason Witten read this one.   

Plus you get to see Dez Bryant's reaction to this tweet. 

If that's not enough, kicker Dan Bailey reads off this tweet. 

And then there's Tony Romo, who gets stuck reading this one

Oh, and there's a fan who drops an F-bomb in a tweet, wondering why Jerry Jones would waste money on signing Brandon Weeden. Of course, Weeden reads the tweet. You can see the entire video here

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