Tony Romo has somehow gone from beloved quarterback to beloved announcer over the course of just one offseason. Since joining CBS's broadcast booth alongside Jim Nantz, Romo's games have become must-see TV for the NFL world. The draw? Romo's ability to dissect a formation pre-snap and call exactly where a play is going to go. In the Bengals vs. Packers game, there were several more instances of Romo's impressive football knowledge.

Whether he's calling touchdown passes in the red zone or casually saying what direction a run is going to go to, Romo has a certain mysticism to him in the booth. Perhaps even more impressive is when he's wrong and a play doesn't work -- thus strangely showing up the quarterback on the field. 

All of this combined with Romo's genuine enthusiasm has made him a favorite early in his career -- to the point that it's easy to forget it's early in his career. To Romo, there are still some bright lights involved, which is funny coming from an NFL quarterback of the world's most valuable team.

Once again, others took notice.

In Week 4, Romo will be commentating two games. He'll be on the "Thursday Night Football" showdown between Bears and Packers at 8:25 on CBS, and on Sunday he'll broadcast the Raiders and Broncos at 4:25, also on CBS. With a game of watching the Raiders under his belt, who knows how well Romo will sync up with Raiders quarterback Derek Carr this week.