Tony Romo on Eli Manning's future: QB can still play, Giants just need to give him some help

Eli Manning has had an incredible career. He's had his ups and downs, but he's seventh all-time in passing and has won two Super Bowls. Lately, however, there seem to be far more downs than ups, and the Giants were heavily criticized for picking Saquon Barkely in the first round of last year's draft instead of a quarterback, signaling they're comfortable moving forward with Manning (despite some disagreement).

CBS broadcaster Tony Romo talked about the inevitable Eli Manning question at a press conference leading up to Super Bowl LIII (it kicks off from Atlanta on Feb. 3 and will be televised by CBS, you can stream it right here), and he doesn't necessarily think that Manning's down seasons signify a diminishing of his talent or the end of his career. He just thinks that Manning needs some more help.

"I think Eli can still play," Romo said. "I think Eli is not that different than a lot of quarterbacks as you get older. Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl at Denver ... he wasn't playing at the same level per se as he was in the Colts prime, when he was darn near unbeatable for so many years.

"So you need help around you from your football team. I just don't think ... at a certain age you can't carry your football team the same way like you once did week in, week out. At different times in your career you're asked to do that, and you could ... this team depends on your football acumen to come through, and knowledge and getting into the correct play, and then making the big throw."

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Romo said the Giants' struggles stem from a lack of depth around Manning, and the fact that the team is overmatched right now.

"But to carry you for four quarters on the road, with the football team around you that's not quite at level of the other team, that's much harder to do the older you get," Romo continued.

"So to me it just comes down to their team, if they're able to give him more time -- I don't think he was protected as well this season -- and if their defense plays well, I think all of these things, he can go in and still easily throw at a high level. It just requires a little more of them."

Manning's average time to throw was 2.65 seconds this season, per NFL Next Gen Stats, and he was sacked 47 times, 10th-worst in the NFL. Odell Beckham Jr. missed four games, and Barkley was a lone bright spot for the Giants. Manning is 38 years old -- the same age as Romo, incidentally -- and he's under contract until the 2020 offseason. The Giants may try to draft a quarterback this year, but in a thin draft, they may ride it out with Manning. If Romo is correct, it may do them wise to get Manning another weapon.

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