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The future of Tony Romo has been one of the biggest offseason stories since before the offseason started. Once it became clear that the Cowboys were committed to Dak Prescott as their quarterback of not just the future but the present, Romo gave what essentially amounted to a concession speech acknowledging that his time playing for Dallas was done, but he also firmly stated that he still wanted to play and that he still can play. Ever since, there has been intense speculation about where Romo will play next. 

The offseason has been a bit topsy-turvy, with the Cowboys reportedly planning to release Romo and then backing off that plan in favor of holding onto him until they can squeeze some assets out of somebody that wants to trade for his services. The two most rumored destinations have been the Denver Broncos and the Houston Texans, but both teams reportedly don’t want to give up anything in a deal. 

With the Broncos having other options actually on their roster in Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, Romo reportedly now sees two options for himself: Play for the Texans, or retire. 

Houston makes a ton of sense as a destination for Romo, even if Jerry Jones might not want to see him playing only a few hours down the road. The Texans have won their division with a 9-7 record the past two seasons despite downright dreadful quarterback play. If they had had a player as good as Romo under center for their divisional round game against the Patriots this past January, they might have actually knocked off the champs before they had a chance to become the champs. It was close for much of the game, after all. 

Our own Larry Hartstein spoke to legendary Vegas oddsmaker Kenny White ahead of free agency, and White said that Romo landing in Houston would bump the Texans’ win total over/under for 2017 from 8.5 to 10, making them the firm favorites in the AFC South once again. 

The issue comes with actually getting Romo to Houston. The Cowboys can still release Romo, but doing so only gains them about $5.1 million in cap space unless they designate him a post-June 1 release. That would create additional space, but the Cowboys wouldn’t see that benefit until June 1 rolls around, so they have no incentive to release him before that date. And anyway, it’s not like there’s some big free-agency fish out there just waiting for the Cowboys to pounce. They haven’t made a splash signing since Brandon Carr in 2012, and don’t seem to be in a rush to make one now. 

That’s why the Cowboys are content to sit and wait, hoping that Houston (or Denver) eventually ponies up some sort of compensation for Romo’s services so they don’t lose out on him.