Things are pretty quiet with the Cowboys right now, but there appears to be a lot of simmering emotions underneath the surface as it pertains to how Dallas is going to handle the Tony Romo situation.

Jerry Jones and Romo supposedly have a wink-wink understanding about his future, but if that’s the case, why won’t the Cowboys release him? We know what his market is -- Denver or Houston -- so maybe Jerry doesn’t want to see Romo playing elsewhere, particularly if elsewhere is “elsewhere in Texas.”

The idea that Dallas thinks it’s getting something in a trade is crazy. Denver is not your spot for that. Maybe it’s just a very bizarre game of chicken

Whatever the case, according to a report from Jane Slater of NFL Network, the whole process is taking a toll on Romo and he’s starting to take things “personally.” 

Not just that the Cowboys won’t release him either -- Romo apparently believes the locker room went Judas on him by shifting over to “Team Dak.” 

Honestly, nothing about this should be that surprising.

Tony Romo IS the Cowboys. Or he was the Cowboys anyway. Romo was the face of Jerry’s franchise, the guy Jones would ride or die with until he retired. Romo was going to bring the Cowboys a Super Bowl before he retired or die trying.

Then Dak Prescott shows up, looks great in the preseason, helps the Cowboys march out to a fantastic record and the entire organization backtracked on the idea that it was Romo’s team. Even Jones backed off that belief before handing the team over to Prescott. 

It wouldn’t be surprising if Romo felt like he was left by the wayside. But that’s also the life of an older NFL quarterback. Peyton Manning didn’t finish with the Colts, which is easy to forget now, but he was cast aside unceremoniously for Andrew Luck. Brett Favre was (very reluctantly) pushed out of Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers

Father Time is busy trying to win a grudge match against Tom Brady right now, but he still has time for Romo. Unfortunately for Romo, he’s not exactly getting the support he might have hoped from the Cowboys.