After making the decision to retire and join CBS on Tuesday, former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo revealed some news that’s probably going to make a lot of people in Houston sad. 

In a conference call with reporters, Romo said that the Texans were the ‘top’ team that he was looking at as he contemplated whether or not to retire this offseason. 

“Houston was at the top of the list of teams that I looked at,” Romo said. 

The 36-year-old also added that other teams in the NFL were “absolutely interested” in adding him, but the Texans were the only team he mentioned by name. 

“I went and studied teams that I thought i would play for and Houston was at the top of the list, and what I found is that there are a couple of things that make them very good,” Romo said, before explaining what he liked about their team. “I think they have some incredibly gifted football players. I think that’s what made it tough.”

As for those other teams that were interested?

“There were a lot of other [teams] that I don’t want to go into great detail about,” the retired quarterback said. 

In the end, Romo picked CBS over returning to the NFL because it’s a job that he can envision himself doing for the next three decades. 

“It really had to nothing to do with the Texans and it had everything to do with CBS,” Romo said. “Just knowing what I wanted to do for the next 15, 20, 30 years. I’m really excited about the new challenge ahead. I didn’t come to this conclusion lightly.”

Romo will be joining Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson on the CBS’ lead NFL annoucing team. 

The good news for Texans fans -- and any other team that might need a quarterback -- is that Romo didn’t slam the door closed on a possible NFL return. When asked if he was definitely retired, Romo brought up Nick Saban’s famous “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach” speech from 2006, which Saban gave before promptly going to Alabama.  

“I don’t envision coming out, but I’ve also seen enough things from ‘I’m not going to Alabama’ to ‘I’m not returning to football,’” Romo said alluding to Saban and Brett Favre. “Do I envision coming back to football? I do not. You never say never. I just tell you it’s about 99 percent [that I don’t return].” 

Romo also added that he’s 100 percent committed to his new job.   

“There’s no part of me that wants to play,” Romo said. “Right now, I’m committed 100 percent to CBS. You always leave yourself a little wiggle room, but I understand what it takes to play football. I don’t envision going back [to the NFL]. I’m going to CBS and I’m not playing football. 

With Romo now in the broadcasting booth, that means the Texans will likely be going with either Tom Savage or Brandon Weeden this season. Of course, they could also go after Jay Cutler. If you click here, you can read Sean Wagner-McGough’s case for why Houston should add the former Bears quarterback -- unless he also decides not to play in 2017.