Tony Romo wasn't worried about the Cowboys drafting Manziel

Tony Romo wouldn't have been scared of Johnny Manziel. (USATSI)
Tony Romo wouldn't have been scared of Johnny Manziel. (USATSI)

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If you weren't on Twitter when the Cowboys No. 16 overall selection rolled around at the NFL draft, you'll never understand just how intense it got when it appeared that the organization Jerry Jones was going to bypass common sense and give most of the Internet what it was craving at the time. Which was for Dallas to draft Johnny Manziel.

Ultimately, the Cowboys didn't, taking offensive lineman Zack Martin instead, and Jones later said that the team never really considered adding Manziel to the roster -- after all, Dallas has tens of millions of dollars invested in Tony Romo.

But Romo apparently wouldn't have cared if Dallas had blown up Twitter by selecting Manziel. Because when the front office told Romo that it was unlikely to take a quarterback (ie. Manziel) in the first round, here's what he said (according to Stephen Jones).

"His response, as you might expect from Tony was, ‘Well, if you decide to, it ain’t going to matter, there’s no one out there who can beat me out,'" Jones told Mad Dog Sports Radio, via the Dallas Morning News.

That Romo is certainly a confident quarterback for a man who's won exactly one playoff game during his 10-year career. To be honest, I think Romo is one of the best seven quarterbacks in the game -- and, in reality, his contract doesn't really allow the team to get rid of him, anyway -- but it would have been real interesting if Dallas had selected Manziel.

Sigh, it would have been wonderful.

But unfortunately, cooler heads in the Cowboys war room prevailed.

“We think Tony’s one of the top echelon quarterbacks in the NFL,” Stephen Jones said. “We really felt like at the end of the day that he has four or five years left.”

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