Tony Romo's way-too-early Super Bowl prediction calls for Packers-Jaguars matchup

The first rule of making way-too-early Super Bowl predictions is to write in the New England Patriots as the AFC's representative. The second rule of making way-too-early Super Bowl predictions is to write in the New England Patriots as the AFC's representative. If you're Tony Romo, though, those rules don't necessarily apply to you.

Romo, who enjoyed a stellar career with the Cowboys before retiring and joining CBS' broadcasting booth, has a knack for nailing predictions -- mostly in terms of play-calling, but that doesn't mean his very specific skillset can't be applied to other areas ... like way-too-early Super Bowl predictions.

When Romo recently appeared on NFL Network, he was asked to give his prediction for this coming season's championship game. After a long pause and expressing his concerns about predicting a Super Bowl matchup at this point in the calendar, Romo submitted his prediction: Packers vs. Jaguars.

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"Oh, if I had to pick right now?" he said. "It's pretty early. The thing about the NFL is things change pretty fast. Injuries happen. A lot of stuff happens. If I was picking right now, I'd probably go with ... I'd probably go with Green Bay vs. Jacksonville. I think that would be just a tentative rough guess here in the summer months."

Among his reasons for picking the Packers, he cited the addition of tight end Jimmy Graham, who should provide Aaron Rodgers with help in and around the end zone, and changes on the defense, from new secondary members to the change in scheme. As for the Jaguars, Romo called them "strong everywhere." And then, because Romo probably understands the first two rules of way-too-early Super Bowl predictions, he noted that "you can never count out New England. As long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are breathing, the easy pick is them."

When I am asked to submit my Super Bowl prediction, I'll almost assuredly pick the Patriots because I'm too scared to pick against them, but in the meantime, sign me up for Packers-Jaguars. We've all spent our fair share of time ripping Blake Bortles, but the idea of watching a Jaguars defense that finished last season ranked first in DVOA, second in yards allowed, second in points allowed, second in takeaways, and second in sacks going up against the fire-breathing dragon that is Aaron Rodgers is too enticing to pass up.

Remember, as Romo did note at the end of his response, the Jaguars nearly beat the Patriots in the last season's AFC title game before they got Brady'd. That doesn't meant they're guaranteed to journey back to the AFC title game and exact their revenge on the Patriots, but it does demonstrate just how good they are from top to bottom. Earlier this offseason, our Pete Prisco called the Jaguars "the best team in the league talent-wise."

Buying the Packers as a Super Bowl team is just as easy. So long as Rodgers is healthy, they'll be a Super Bowl contender. Add in the hiring of Mike Pettine as defensive coordinator and a revamped secondary, and the Packers might finally have provided Rodgers with enough help. Unfortunately for the Packers, they're stuck in one of the league's most competitive divisions with the Vikings poised to make their own run at the Super Bowl. 

As Romo said, predictions at this point in the calendar are more like tentative rough guesses. There's no way of actually knowing how the injuries will shake out, which teams will undergo massive improvements, which teams will decline, and how good and bad luck will be distributed throughout the league. 

But if anyone knows, it's probably Romo.

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