Toronto mayor Rob Ford, WSOP winner honor NFL in their own way

A guy in a Lions jersey won the biggest event in poker. (Twitter)
A guy in a Lions jersey won the biggest event in poker. (Twitter)

If you don't think the NFL invades every facet of everybody's life, I have two examples to prove just how wrong you are.

No. 1: Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been involved in a bit of a scandal recently when it was revealed -- and which he admitted Tuesday -- that he had been caught on video smoking crack cocaine. He said that he didn't remember doing it at first because it had probably occurred during a drunken stupor.

But that's not what was really interesting about Ford's meeting with the media. No. Instead, look at the tie that he wore to the press conference in which he admitted that he, who leads one of the largest cities on this continent, has smoked crack.

It's full of old NFL logos!

Check out the Buccaneers logo. Or the Broncos logo. Or the Oilers logo. Or the freakin' Oilers team!
Yeah, none of those exist anymore. We'll find out when Ford runs for reelection next year whether his political career is any more relevant than the tie he wore Tuesday.

(The Sporting News did some fine investigative work and traced the tie back to 1995. Also, via Vanity Fair, you can buy that bad boy on eBay for less than $15. $15 American, I presume. Sadly, the crack cocaine isn't included.)

2) The final table at the World Series of Poker wrapped up Tuesday night, and guess who won? Yep, the guy wearing the Calvin Johnson jersey.

As you can tell, the Lions official feed is very excited about all of this.

Luckily, our colleague John Breech had some good investment advice for the WSOP winner.

At the very least, Riess should take a few of those dollars and help Ford update his wardrobe.

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