Training Camp Roundup: Manziel ineligible for NFL's Supp. Draft

With the NCAA reportedly investigating Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, there's been an even bigger push to discuss Manziel's NFL future. I tend to think that the autograph business will help Manziel in the long run, mainly because it's an issue that people will actually be sympathetic toward.

This isn't Manziel partying (allegedly partying?) at the Manning Passing Academy and this isn't Manziel acting like he won't listen to authority figures or be coachable when it matters.

Anyway, our brothers from a younger mother at Eye on College Football have you covered on most things Manziel (including his shockingly bad odds of playing Week 1!) but we'll go ahead and note here that Manziel, if he were to be suspended by the NCAA, wouldn't be eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft.

There are a few reasons for this. One, the draft already happened. Two, it's unlikely Manziel would be suspended (or not suspended) by the time the season was set to start. And three -- and most importantly -- he's not three years removed from high school. Manziel needs another season in order to be eligible -- it'll be fascinating to see just how many games he gets to play and what happens to his NFL stock during the season.

I'm sure we'll hear a thing or two about it.

Get out of the water! Get out of the water! Robert Griffin III met with the media Monday. One of the questions for the 'Skins' franchise quarterback who also happens to be recovering from offseason knee surgery? If Shark Week (No, not a euphemism; Yes, the one that airs annually on the Discovery Channel in August) was a distraction. It's not. But it did result in this tweet from the official Shark Week feed:

'Hard Knocks' Life
Tuesday night will be the debut of 2013's season of Hard Knocks, featuring youuuuuuuur Cincinnati Bengals. Personally I'm pumped up to see this team, and tend to think they're getting a bad rap because the Bengals have already done this series before.

HBO and NFL Films knock it out of the park every year anyway, and there are a large number of interesting characters on this team who deserve more coverage. Three guys that count in that group: rookies Giovani Bernard, Tyler Eifert and Margus Hunt. Fortunately, per's Richard Deitsch, all three will be mic'd up early on.

Apparently so is defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer (along with offensive coordinator Jay Gruden) meaning there's some strong potential for these early episodes.

Tuesday, Aug. 6, will be premiere at 10 p.m. ET with replays on Wednesday thru Monday at various times.

Quadzilla and Justin Timberlake

Given all the ancillary stuff that goes on around Redskins training camp, it's amazing anything ever gets accomplished on the field. But that's where focus, determination and grit come in, we guess. Whatever, here's WUSA (Washington, D.C.) reporter Dave Owens having a "quad-off" with Redskins tight end Chris Baker.

(WUSA9, by way of Sports Bog)

We'll let you decide which quad belongs to Owens.

Meanwhile, Barry Cofield paid homage to Justin Timberlake by doing this to one of his songs:

Thanks to the Sports Bogfor doing the lord's work.

Is this the year the Steelers commit to the running game?

A season ago, the Steelers' running game was among the league's worst. It ranked 31st according to Football Outsiders, which explains why the team has decided to move to a zone-blocking scheme, one that will now feature Le'Veon Bell, the second-round pick out of Michigan St.

So what can we expect in 2013? A big improvement, according to Lance Zierlein, the man behind Writing for, Zierlein notes that "The Steelers finally have athleticism up front, and plan on utilizing that athleticism with a greater reliance on outside-zone plays to stretch the defensive front from sideline to sideline."

"This is the first year for this offensive line to play together as one, cohesive unit so I'm not looking for the running attack to explode overnight. But I do think we will finally see the Steelers actually commit to running the football after giving lip service to "commitment to Steelers football" during Mike Tomlin's tenure as head coach. Last year, the Steelers were next to last in "clean yards" per attempt for their running backs at only 1.7 ypa. That will get better this year."

When you're near the bottom of the NFL in rushing, there's plenty of room for improvement. "Look for the Steelers to run the ball more and with greater success," Zierlein notes, "but I think their ceiling is probably the top 15."

Running With the Bull (Rush)
George Selvie. Good Lord, son.

Potent Quotables
Heart you, Brad Wing.

"Actually I went to a concert. I went to a Prince concert. The next day. That Sunday night I left so I actually wore the jacket to the Prince concert that Sunday night after I left here Saturday night. So that was pretty cool I guess" -- Hall of Famer Richard Dent when asked by if he'd ever worn his Hall of Fame jacket to anything cool before.

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