Training Camp Roundup: Rex Ryan rips West Virginia for Geno

Rex Ryan is not afraid to rip your school.  (USATSI)
Rex Ryan says a lot of things, and you get the sense that much of what he says is in an effort to convince himself or his team that they're better than they actually might be.

In your latest installment of As the Jets Burn, we turn our lonely eyes toward West Virginia, where players and coaches from the Mountaineers, whom Geno Smith quarterbacked last year, took shots at the Jets rookie signal-caller over the weekend.

Veiled shots, mind you, but quite thinly-veiled ones about the lack of "leadership" on the team last season.

"Last year we didn't have, you know, a lot of leadership," junior running back Dustin Garrison told

This isn't all directed at Geno -- Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey, now with the Rams, were both prominent players on that offense -- but mercy did the players not hold back on talking about a lack of "team" present with the Mountaineers squad.

"What's different this year is we're more a team," OL Quinton Spain said. "There ain't no I's; we don't depend on nobody. We just depend on all of us at once as a team. So I think this year will be better than last year.

"There wasn't no team. I could say there was a team early, but once we started losing we saw the I's come up, so it just hurt the team worse."

Head coach Dana Holgerson also lamented the lack of leadership, claiming there wasn't any on the team.

"[Leadership] was a big issue on last year's team, and I mean issue in a bad way," Holgorsen admitted last week.

As you might imagine, the New York media checked with Rex Ryan about this -- after all, when I say "quarterbacks" you think "leadership" right? Right. And Ryan didn't care for the comments coming out of Morgantown at all.

"Geno was a tremendous player for West Virginia," Ryan said. "Sometimes, I don't know, you have to ask them. I certainly don't get that. When somebody leaves your deal, I guess that's up to them, you'd have to ask them."

And then Ryan dropped the bomb, pointing out how glad he is that his kids didn't go to West Virginia.

"No, but it tells me I'm glad my kid never went there," Ryan said. "Tell you that much. I don’t get that."

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