The new-look Washington Redskins have starting left tackle Trent Williams, who sat out all of the 2019 season, firmly in their plans for the 2020 season and it appears like there has been a rather significant development to make that plan a reality. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Williams and new head coach Ron Rivera have touched based "for what sounded like a positive conversation." 

The next step would be for Williams to come in and visit, but the big development here is that the two sides are now communicating. As Rapoport highlights, there's still plenty of issues that need to be sorted out, but this new regime could be the key to securing Williams for 2020. Rivera himself has noted previously that Williams "is still our guy" and wants him aboard for next season. That said, he also wants to examine his health. 

Williams did not play a single down for the Redskins last season. He rejoined the team in the midst of the year, but continued to stay sidelined after distrust grew between Williams and the team's medical staff. They key issue centered around a cancerous growth in his head that went undiagnosed by the team. It has since been removed, but Williams, who claims the team originally said it was a minor issue, reportedly asked for a trade and sat out all of mandatory minicamp prior to sitting out the year. 

What holds out hope for Williams to return to the Redskins next season is the complete overhaul to the franchise's masthead. Not only is Ron Rivera in as the new head coach, but the team also brought in a new training staff, including Ryan Vermillion, who is looked at as one of the more respected trainers in the entire league. 

Given that the personnel that Williams had issues with is no longer with the Redskins, there's a least at chance, one would think, that fences could be mended. If they are, Washington would be getting a tremendous piece to get back into the fold. Williams is a seven time Pro Bowl left tackle and should be extremely helpful in the maturation of second year quarterback Dwayne Haskins.