Washington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams ended his holdout and reported to the team on Tuesday, but that doesn't mean that all issues are resolved between the two parties. Following the news that Williams had reported to the team facilities, JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington reported that he still had no intention of playing this season.

Sure enough, when the Redskins took to the field to practice on Wednesday, Williams was absent. The seven-time Pro Bowler was in the building for his physical earlier in the day, which previous reports indicated that he passed. Interim head coach Bill Callahan told reporters after practice that Williams actually did not pass his physical.

"Unfortunately, today he couldn't practice, he did not pass the physical," said Callahan. "There was discomfort with his helmet and the fitting of it so that's where we're at as of today. We'll take Trent's situation day to day." 

This offseason, Williams had a growth removed from his head, according to Ian Rapoport. At one point, doctors were concerned it was a malignant tumor, but thankfully, it was removed without incident. Callahan was asked if this issue had to do with the helmet discomfort on Wednesday.

"I would imagine so," said Callahan. "I don't know all the specifics yet but all I know is that the helmet wasn't comfortable. I'm sure it will be a part of the acclimation period in getting him back on the field."

Callahan said he spoke for about an hour with Williams, and that the conversation was great.

"It was a really good conversation about a lot of things," said Callahan. "I wouldn't want to disclose that because it was private. It was just a real positive, catch-up type conversation, just going back and forth a little bit on our relationship over the years and how things are going with the team and where we're headed and how we are moving forward here."

A reporter also asked Callahan point-blank if he expected Williams to ever play for the Redskins again, and his response was fairly telling. 

"I'm hopeful that he does," Callahan responded. "I've got a lot of respect for Trent and what he's achieved here and what he's done. I look at it through the eyes of the player and I've seen the sacrifices that he's made, the work that he's put in when he's here and playing. He's one of the more elite offensive linemen I've ever had the privilege to coach and I've been fortunate enough to be around a lot of them. He has all the ingredients, tools, traits -- whatever you want to call it. He has that. He has that make-up, he has that skillset to be really good in this league and he has been, he's proved that."

The Trent Williams saga has now entered another chapter. How long will it be until he's cleared to play? Once he's cleared, will he actually practice with the team? There are still many unanswered questions in Washington.